Study of Acrylic Glaze Technique

Apple Glazing Study

Study of an apple following a lesson in glazing in acrylics. On canvas board 6″x9″

The first painting I feel actually proud of for more years than I can count.  Amazing what a bit of application and and a bit of guidance can do.

UPDATE 18 Mar 2007: I see a lot of people searching for information about acrylic glazing technique 🙂  Here’s  a link to the lesson I followed off the WetCanvas forum.

 The steps are embedded within a loooonnng thread of discussion which is old and closed now – but keep trawling through the pages – all the steps are there. 

I learnt a lot just from this one lesson – I never painted a picture like this one before that lesson!  Have fun.

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  1. I can honestly say I would rather eat the apple you’ve painted there more then I would a real one… your painting looks shiney, juicy, and more real then an actual apple! I absolutely love this peice of your art work! You did a fantastic job and I look forward to looking at more of your art! Keep it up! ^_^

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