Steve Bell Inspired (Doodle)

Steve Bell Inspired

[IMAGE thumbnail] A6 indian ink pen-brush

Not my best doodle ever – but let me explain …

I saw a piece on Steve Bell the cartoonist on this weeks BBC Culture Show

No clip of this piece on the BBC’s site unfortunately but some other interesting stuff.  Highly recommended is Neil Hannon’s ‘perfect’ Eurovision entry “Trafalgar” which is indeed perfection.  Is it too late to send him to Helsinki?

I digress …

Watching Steve Bell draw with his pen brush (a pen with a brush tip) was really inspiring.  So did a little exercise this morning using my own and trying out elements I saw him use (Blair’s mad eye and Brown’s hair).  I admire his talent, his eye and his satire.

Maybe using a pen brush isn’t so frightening after all.  He made marks which seemed quite scratchy and clumsy – but they worked so beautifully together.

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