To Do List (Doodle)

So many things I want to do, I must do, so much time and so little energy. How do I make it all add up?

Illustrated to do list.
To Do List by Rachel Groves

Ink and watercolour

Really I ran out of space to do the full list running around my head and this is just a taster! Eeek.

Long description of Illustrated To Do List.

Written on a drawn piece of note paper:

1. Have a bath

2. Get dressed

3. Eat lunch

4. Rest

5. Take painkillers

6. Don’t go crazy – stay calm

7. Make a list

8. See if there’s anyone out there via the internet

9. Feel guilty Don’t feel

10. Doodle

11. Blog

Each of the following is then illustrated in a montage and scattered out of order:

47. Write a bigger list

12. Eat Healthy (peach)

43. Cycle (bicycle wheel)

20. Read, 21. Learn, 22. Grow, 23, Remember (under books on shelves)

36. Medicate (pills)

46. Fill the empty spaces

35. Photograph (camera)

24. Garden (trowel)

13. Stay Clean (tap with running water)

38. Journal (notebook)

26. Watch telly (tv)

28. Fuss the cat (top of cat’s head)

29. Listen (ear)

19. Love your loved ones, 15. Stay positive (heart)

45. Play written upside down (handheld game console)

#39. Paint (artist paintbrush)

30. Drive, 31. Sell my car (car windscreen and steering wheel)

14. Keep in touch (flip mobile phone)

18. Drink plenty of fluids – ideally water (bottle of water)

37. Figure out what happens with work next

42. Family tree

27. Take my vitamins (vitamin pills)

25. Walk – even just a little (shoes)

17. Don’t overdo things

40. Sleep (bed)

44. Write (keyboard letters)

41. Hug (person arms outstretched)

34. Stretch

36. Apply for DLA

32. Grieve (teardrop)

33. Accept

16. Get outdoors (tree)

[end of description]


  1. Honestly there’s hundreds of things I missed. But yes this should have been up the list – sorry Puglet. Although I am a bit nervous about that idea as it seemed quite accurate for you and I am therefore scared!
    Also need to add – “take Puglet to France for a long holiday” and “ply Puglet with pastry goods”
    So many things, so much time, so little of anything else!

  2. You continue to impress me one art work after the other… I expecialy love this image… it’s a visial I think of a list much similar to the one running around in many people’s heads everyday… I especially found myself relating to the lines “Don’t go crazy, stay calm” and “Don’t feel”… I feel like I have to constatly remind myself to relax, I like that people can relate to alot of what you’re expressing in your work… beautiful work! ^_^

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