Festive Survival (Drawing)


[IMAGE] A6 double page. Ink (PITT) and watercolour.

Click on the image and then ‘All Sizes’ to see a bigger version.

For a cheery meme started by Ama

“Surviving Thanksgiving. here’s the challenge: describe ten (10) successful techniques with which you have survived thanksgiving in the past. they have to be true. they have to be things you have done. don’t lie. to make it easier for you, i allow you, quite generously, to include techniques you deployed on christmas or new year’s eve.”

Being British Thanksgiving is not on my radar – so I’ve responded with my Festive Survival top ten.

A bit different to Ama’s survival tips 😉


  1. That’s a wonderful drawing, Rachel. I have one technique when I am alone on a holiday, and that is to listen to a good mystery by one of my favorite authors. One of the advantages of foggy brain is that I forget the stories and can listen to them over again:-)

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