Problems Drawing (Drawing)

problems drawing

I’ve had problems drawing my life which include drawing my current bad haircut.

There’s nothing like a change of hairstyle to throw your self portrait drawing! Here’s me wearing an alice band hair/head band to keep my too-short-fringe out of the way!

As for the problems drawing my plan is to draw every day even if it’s rubbish on the page.  Just get the pen moving again.  I have 2 weeks to try and fill the rest of this sketchbook (52 pages) whether it be bloggable or terrible!  At least I’ve already drawn a couple of things that are passable for blogging.

This drawing is A6 (approx 6 ” x 4″). Ink and watercolour.


  1. aha! You didn’t realize when you first cut your long hair that short hair involves many more “bad hair days”:-) And growing it out is awful, too. Some advantages to being isolated.

  2. Hey Nina you have stolen my haircut, except I don’t wear an alice band but maybe its a look I should explore. I always work on the principle that you can’t see your own head,so why worry.

  3. I think it is good that you have set that goal – 3 or 4 A6 drawings a day sounds do-able? Even if they are “rubbish”, I am sure they will be interesting. Please do it! I once (on Flickr) tried a self-portrait a day, this was last year when I was feeling terrible, I did not manage that. I think to “just get the pen moving again” is a great ambition.

    I like to do cartoon drawings, I am no good at it and I play with my photographs for far too long each day (and the days are shortened by having to lie down and rest). I have recently forced myself to do a Sudoku puzzle every day to try to keep my brain working …

    Sorry to ramble – I look forward to seeing your progress on your drawing. Best wishes from Adam

  4. Hmm I have to say Rachel that that’s one of the reasons I grew out my hair. It looks uniformly rubbish all the time, with no effort on my part. But I don’t have to look at it, so I don’t care.

    I like your “get sketching” idea. Is this the replacement of the daily self portrait?!?!

    M x

  5. My get drawing plan is a kickstart. I did this before (but didn’t say so at the time) and it worked well getting me back into the habit of drawing and thinking about ideas as well as raising my confidence.

    There was a time when I did in fact draw everyday and usually blogged a drawing every day too. The daily photo self portrait project pulled some of my creative and energy resources away from that routine. Hoping to redress the balance a little :o)

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