Tortie – Painting Completed

My commissioned tortoise painting is now finally complete and just awaiting the final sealing and varnishing coats.


“Tortie” – acrylic on box canvas 60cm x 60cm. 2009.

tortie - from below

tortie - from side
tortie - indication of scale


This last photo is a composite I use to indicate the scale of each painting.

The photos don’t quite capture the depth and brightness of the background but it’s as close as I can get to showing you on screen.

For those following the stages of this work in progress (WIP) this is what the painting looked like when I last blogged:

tortie WIP 21

I added the final touches to finishing the face and a couple of highlights were added:

tortie WIP 22

These photos miss some of the more subtle colouring on the face unfortunately.

Using my easel in it’s horizontal position, like a workbench, to add some of the lines back in:

tortie on easel - horizontal

Then finished off and added that elusive eyebrow to complete the painting:

tortie WIP 22 - finished painting

You can see a slideshow of all the stages or here is a video I’ve added to YouTube (although the upload has degraded the quality of the images somewhat):

So now it’s on to the isolation coats to help seal the painting and then a few coats of varnish to help protect it before he’s ready to go to his new home.


  1. He is just fabulous and it has been so interesting to see him evolve! I hope he is happy and brings much happiness in his new abode 🙂

  2. Huzzah, Huzzah and triple Huzzah – I am glad you brought the work home to completion, and I like the colours. I think like writing, painting must be about stretching to do something just a little bit out of reach, in order to challenge yourself. Does that make sense, I don’t want to sound like some Oxford stuffy shirt, I mean, we take on challenges because they are challenges, not the same old. You did it! Congrats.

    And how do you plan to celebrate (I am all for streaking, whether it be during a cricket match or just around the house – very liberating after a long project!)

  3. He’s very good isn’t he? I hope you’re pleased with him – I would be. Have you posted on how you go about completing a work? Does it take ages? And what do you do to ease the wear and tear on the creaking bones? Very interested to hear.

    1. I haven’t really blogged about how I physically work and how M.E. effects the process. I must try and put something together! I’ve been asked by 3 people now 🙂

      This particular painting is much larger (3 times the size) than the canvases I have been doing so it was a much bigger physical challenge. The actual painting part took place over 6 weeks with all my arty energy focused on that alone. But mainly in afternoon sessions spread through that time.

      I paint sitting down and have found ways to paint sitting on the sofa. My easel has wheels which helps a lot! And I can position it so it hovers over my lap at around 45 degrees. But it was still tricky. Within that 6 weeks there were a couple of weeks I didn’t manage to do any work on it at all and other weeks I needed 2-3 day breaks after sessions. I am still learning to pace the creative process!

  4. people usually RUN while streaking though don’t they? this is maybe a combo of not getting arrested and people not seeing as much (as it is all a blur)… I think you should factor in speed in your decision-maiking that’s all, don’t want to put you off or anything!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Actually I’ve found that going at a very sedate walking pace or leaning on something to be good streaking speed; people have such a hard time believing you ARE streaking they go brit and ignore you. Of course, for me, this is about 10 seconds long which is the accompanied by being wrestled to the ground or picked up by significant other with the hissed, “GET BACK in the HOUSE!” – so I am not sure if your S.O. is NOT prepared to rescue you from yourself, whether you need to find some sort of backup – however, streaking INSIDE the house is not only safe but fun and generally gets S.O. approval. Just a thought. Always could make Turtle junior on your body before said streaking!

  6. Running, walking, standing still, inside, outside – its all good for me. Frankly it is all “stuff” when compared to the streak itself.
    Rest assured, MsCreative, I’ll be there to fully support you in whatever you decide to do.

  7. What do you call streaking when one is sitting still? Can you streak in a wheelchair?

    I’m thinking streaking all of a sudden sounds a complicated way to celeberate.

  8. It’s far too cold for streaking.

    Thought I’d pop by again (getting around blogs a bit more of late) and say hi. Thanks for answering my question – I’m humming and hahing over how to be more productive creatively. So far it’s happening in bursts which is not how I want it.

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