Sloth – Work in Progress (Painting)

It’s been a bit of a rough 10 days or so health wise so progress has been interupted a little with the sloth.  Perhaps this slowness is appropriate for creating such a creature?

Well it’s still early days on the new sloth painting but here’s a little progress to share with you.

There’s a second set of lines painted in that help with that “just got out of bed” look.  I’ve been experimenting with a new set of new rigger brushes which has made this process easier although I’m still learning how to get the best from this style of brush.

work in progress 20090505 sloth C

I haven’t quite mixed the perfect shade of grey/brown that will make the base of the body. So I turned my attention to putting the first layer on the background.  This is something I typically do towards the final stages of a painting but why not mix things up a bit?

It’s starting with a rather vivid layer of magenta but the colour will turn more purple and get toned down quite a bit before the painting is finished.  This is just the first loose layer of colour.

work in progress 20090505 sloth D

I paint this with a glaze added to the acrylic with my favourite brush (a one stroke) to get a textured effect.  Subsequent layers (also with a small amount of glaze) will calm that texture down a lot but give a bit more than just a solid colour.


  1. Oh yeah! You have a great sense of color. I was just responding to your tweet about trying to get greys and browns (I think it was you:-)

  2. like the glaze and acrylic mix effect and that COLOUR! (yes in know it’s only the nase colour but so great while it lasts anyway!) Glad you have been up to doing a little bit and hope progress continues well.

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